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Our events are all Trail running based and range from lakeshore routes to the more challenging, mountainous terrain over longer, ultra distances... We still offer a Duathlon for the multi activity enthusiasts, who want to combine mountain biking with trail running... all amidst some of the most spectacular scenery Britain has to offer.


We appeal not only to seasoned athletes who relish a challenge, but to anyone who loves the outdoors, at any level of fitness or ability. The emphasis is on enjoyment and gaining inspiration from your surroundings, being in a natural environment that is awe inspiring and at the end of the day feeling a sense of achievement.


We are passionate about the outdoors and the environment we live in, that is why we strive to have as little impact on it as possible.  To read more about this click here 

Trail Running Events


Saturday 8th January 2022


Saturday 8th January 2022

Glentress Trail Runnodate.jpg

Saturday 19th February 2022

Glentress Trail Marathonnodate.jpg

Sunday 20th February 2022


Sunday 26th March 2022 (TBC)


Kielder 20 Mile

Saturday 2nd April 2022

Borrowdale banner.jpg

July  2022 (TBC)


Saturday 20th November 2021


Saturday 20th November 2021

Ultra Running Events


Sunday 21st November 2021


Saturday 2nd April 2022

More Amazing CairgormsUltralogo2.jpg

Saturday 11th June 2022


August 2022 (TBC)



Sunday 9th January 2022